From Street To Seats

Last week I blogged about the importance of touring other churches and learning what you can about the way they approach church communications.

My two favorite tours to date have been Saddleback Church (Rick Warren) and Harvest Christian Fellowship (Greg Laurie). Not only do these churches have beautiful campuses, they have Communication Departments that are massive, well funded and full of creative professionals. In my eyes, they are the “gold standard” of church communications and it was great to get a peek behind the curtain.

In both cases their Director of Communications oversaw the look and feel of the campus from “Street to Seats.” This role was so important they reported directly to the Senior Pastor. These churches recognize that a great campus experience had to be managed, and the buck needed to stop somewhere. They were the keeper of the brand…and the that the brand was the EXPERIENCE not just the LOGO. This person had responsibility, authority AND an ample budget to get things done. They worked with the architects, gardeners, facilities, designers, web, print, etc. to craft a unified church experience.

This is a far cry from the Director of Communications = Graphic Designer expectation that is common in churches today.

Having someone in this role made sure decisions didn’t get made in isolation or wondering who was responsible. This ensured high accountability and excellence in execution. Not every church can afford to have someone to oversee like this, but they can have someone in communications (or someone with an eye for design and style) who can input on decisions before they are made.

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