Creating Photo Mosaics

I’m sure you’ve seen them around. A photo mosaic, when you are far away, you see one picture, but as you move in, you see that the picture is actually made up of hundreds (or thousands) of smaller pictures. These can easily be overused, but I find for special occasions, anniversaries and celebrating big events these can be a great way to create an image that impresses virtually everyone.

The best program I’ve found for creating photo mosaics is AndreaMosaic.  The price is right (free),  and the results are stunning.

The was a special edition Connections Magazine cover I made highlighting our Mexico Ministry. March Connections Cover
I gave this to Pastor Gary Inrig as a going away present. A picture of him preaching, made of entirely of pictures of him preaching.Gary Inrig - Preaching Mosaic
Celebrating 20 Years of our Halloween Happenin' outreach, make of pictures of the last 7 years of Halloween photos.Halloween Happenin' 2005 067 Mosaic06 - saturation

There are two things you need to make a successful mosaic.

1) The Big Image

It depends on what you are trying to accomplish, but I find the best pictures are the same pictures that would work well as a silhouette. If you are selecting people make sure they dominate the frame.  Details tend to get lost, so make sure you have a very dominate image to start with. Your photo should be colorful. This picture from Moscow made for a good silhouette, but the colors in the sky were monochromatic and the software selected the same images pool over and over and it wasn’t as interesting as I was hoping.

100_0488 Mosaic

2) Lots of Smaller Images

For best results, you have access thousands of photos. (This is one reason I like to make these after a mission trip…typically you have lots of photos that can make up your images.) AndreaMosaic lets you select what folders to pull the images from. It then does a quick scan of each photo to determine its color and shape. Depending on how you setup the software, you can tell it to reuse an image…or flip it. Without this option, you may run out of individual images and have “holes” left in your mosiac.

100_2842 Mosaic

If you’ve never made a photo mosaic, definitely, download AndreaMosaic and give it a try. You’ll be glad you did.

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