20 Ways We Communicate To Our Church

There are lots of ways to “get the word out” when it comes to church communications. This past Sunday I has the opportunity to remind our congregation about some of the many ways they can get the information they need to stay informed and connected. While it’s easy for me to just say “check out the website”, our church skews older, so I broke it down into Non Digital and Digital ways, so nobody felt left out.

This list is not exhaustive…

I didn’t include any announcements that that Pastor might give before or during the sermon, the PowerPoint loop we run before the service, posters and flyers that we put around campus, talking to their small group leader or a simple email or phone call to the Pastor of their choice. It is a good reminder, there is no one magic bullet. Even with all this communication going on, people still miss things and messages fall though the cracks. And this doesn’t even address how we communicate mission and vision. Everything works a little bit, nothing works all the time. 

A phone tree or text tree would be a nice tool to add to the arsenal. If we had more resources I might consider a monthly mailer. But with postage where it is, and more and more people moving to digital, it seems like long term, digital is a better use of our limited resources.

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