One of my pet peeves is tape. It’s not so much tape itself. Properly used, tape is a great quick way to wrap presents and stick stuff up.

The problem is, it has a tendency to “stick around”…especially if used outdoors. If it’s not immediately removed, the sun’s UV rays get a hold of it and you end up with a dried, cracked, ugly mess. Today I took a walk around our campus and there was hardly a surface that I didn’t see that showed damage left by tape.

Tape Damage Around Trinity

So what’s the solution?

  1. Never use packing tape when scotch tape will work.
  2. I’m a huge fan of 3M Command Adhesives.
  3. If you STICK IT UP, take responsibility and CLEAN IT UP. Do it before it drys, shrinks and cracks.
  4. If you see that there is sticky residue, use Goo Gone before the surface is covered in dirt and grime.
  5. For tape left on glass, use a razor blade to remove.
  6. If you HAVE to use tape… roll it in a loop and attached to each corner on the back so you can’t see it.  As a side benefit, it also removes SO much easier.

This takes the cake…

I have no words. Rather than reprinting, someone put tape over our plexi sign holder to cover the incorrect information.


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