Giving Thanks

Less than month ago, I found out that Google was changing the API on their Google Calendar. As an “event driven church” relying heavily on seamless web integration with Google Calendar, this news was disastrous. Our web calendar is the #1 visited web page on our site and our lists of events are at the core of how we connect people to what’s happening at our church.

Google’s clock was ticking…we had less than three weeks and we needed a solution fast.

mainstreetenterprisesMain Street has been our web partner for over a decade. It’s times like these that I was glad to have a strategic partner that knew our church, knew our time frame and knew their stuff. When I told them of our dilemma, they cleared their calendar and in less than three weeks we had a new calendar solution researched, tested and running.

All this at one of the busiest times of the year. I likened this project to changing the engine on an airplane at 30,000 feet…virtually impossible and if you goof, catastrophic. Needless to say, when they finished with time to spare, I was impressed.

At this time of year with we stop to give thanks, I would like to publicly say thank you to Adam White and Terrell Sanders for their faithful partnership over all these years. Your work is appreciated.

If you ever need any web work done, give MainStreet a call. You’ll be glad you did.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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