Adding an Instagram Feed To Your Website

One of the nice things I like about our website is that it is never the same day to day. It has some static pieces, but it also has elements that automatically update when we make updates to our Facebook, Upcoming Event, and Instagram Account.

As you may know (or found out through research), while you can embed individual pictures, Instagram has no built-in option to share a feed of pictures. For that you need a third party solution. I was using Intagme, but I was getting too many error messages that the service was offline. Then I stumbled on SnapWidget.

According to their website, “SnapWidget is the most popular Instagram Widget that allows you to quickly and easily embed a photo gallery in your website or blog.”

Simply fill in the form, and click the “Preview” button. They have several option on how you want it to look. When you got it the way you want it, click the “Get Widget” button to get the code.


The code you’ll get looks something like this:

<!– SnapWidget –>

Paste the code in your website and you’ll have a beautiful feed of your Instagram photos.

Two Minute Video Tutorial

While I don’t like the ads when you click the picture, (there is a paid option without ads) the SnapWidget code seems rock solid. Glad to report, no problems to date.

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