The Three Time Slot Christian

I’ve had a theory for a while about the “three time slot christian.” People only have so much time in their week to put towards living out their faith. Here’s how I broke it down.

three_reasons_individual_superior1. Corporate Worship – Where you gather together with other believers to hear the word preached and sing praises.

2. Small Groups – A smaller community group where you meet for fellowship, Bible study and prayer.

3. Serve – A place to invest your gifts and talents for the kingdom.

Those that come to church only at Christmas and Easter, we want to encourage them to be a regular attenders (Slot #1). For those regularly adding, we want to encourage them to get into a small group (Slot #2). And as people grow and mature, we need to plug people into a place where they can either serve the church, serve with the church or serve in the community (Slot #3).

I don’t know about you, if I was doing these faithfully, there is not much more I could “fit it”. Maybe a special event here or there, a weekend retreat, etc. but realistically, with the other obligations and interests I have in my life, I’m full.

But, how much “more” are we asking by the things we promote in our print pieces, announcements and website? I’m looking at ours, and it’s overwhelming.

Maybe, instead of asking people to come to “anther church event” it would be more strategic if we encouraged each other to spend time with family or getting to know our neighbors.

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