Shut Up And Sing…

chris-wagner2My brother-in-law, Chris Wagner, is an Assistant Pastor at Calvary Chapel WestGrove. One of the areas he oversees is Worship Ministries. When our families got together over the Christmas holiday, he was sharing some of the statements he often repeats in conversations with his team. I thought they were pithy, practical and full of wisdom. With permission, I share them with you…

  1. don’t lie to me
  2. give bad news ASAP
  3. always work as a team
  4. less is more
  5. shut up and sing *
  6. remember, you get the credit, I get the crud
  7. when saying no, be compassionate but unyielding
  8. mediocrity and messes are caused when you avoid difficult conversations
  9. the lack of a clear vision leads to settling for whatever happens
  10. don’t let criticism or praise get to you or get caught up in either one
  11. don’t defend yourself by defaming others – Spurgeon
  12. when in doubt, do without
  13. if you put someone in a leadership position, let them lead
  14. when you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail  (confirmation bias)
  15. good, fast, cheap – pick two…you can’t have all three

* this one is my (Bruce’s) favorite. Often times, worship folks start getting wordy and talking in between songs. QUIT IT…we already have a preacher. You’ll never get in trouble if you keep the flow, transition nicely and move on to the next song. Those hands raised high you see in the audience?…that’s actually people reminding you of rule number 5.

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