We all know that alignment, clarity and authenticity are critical to communication success. So why does it seem so elusive?

From my experience you need three components in place:

The Man*

You need a person thoroughly convinced in their ideas, confident in their presentation and unwavering in their belief. This person has something they want to accomplish and can articulate what it is.

*It’ would be more accurate to say a “person” (man or woman), but using a “P” messed up my alliteration.

The Method

This person can “see the end in mind” BEFORE it is a reality and needs a way of turning their ideas into action. They need to take an approach that leverages their strengths and giftings, as well as the strengths and giftings of their team. As they encounter obstacles (as they inevitably will), they know when to modify their approach, when to persist…or both.

The Message

The message that flows from this person is becomes “them” when it is from “them”. When it is their ideas, their words, their phrases, it allows their passions to come though. They have wrestled with the ideas, the upsides and the downsides and can answer the naysayers thoughtfully, with confidence.

Parroting someone else’s ideas when you haven’t bought into them yourself is a sure way to fail in your messaging.

This person now gathers a team that buys into BOTH the goal AND the method**.

  • With this team they are able to build momentum and gain support.
  • With this support they attract people and influence they need to make progress.
  • With progress comes credibility which attracts even more resources
  • Now, you’ve got the the ball rolling…keep it up!

** If you have a group that only buys into one side (the goal OR the method), you immediately set yourself up for persistent conflict and confusion. It will slow you down, cause you to spin your wheels and drain your energy. 

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