God Is My Father and Church Is My Big Brother?



“More than two dozen churches around the world have installed a facial-recognition system that monitors which members of the flock have actually shown up for the Sunday sermon. The system is called Churchix and was developed by Israeli software company, Face-six. It continually scans the religious center’s CCTV feed and matches congregation members to a pre-existing database of their faces — reportedly with 99 percent accuracy.” More>>

If this were an April fools joke, this would be funny…

But since it’s a real product, I don’t know how to feel. Impressed at the technology, or dumbfounded that churches are actually using this ….

I’m all for membership accountability, but this goes too far.

If we take this a few steps further into the future, imagine what happens if (when?) Facebook opens up their facial recognition API to developers. Not only will you know members that attend, but visitors as well. I can foresee an automatic invitation to “like” your church’s profile…or an automated “instant message” from the pastor, inviting them to take the next step of  church involvement.  For members, how about an automatic “reminder” if you haven’t fulfilled your giving pledge? The opportunities for missuses and meddling are too numerable to count.

I read the book 1984. And it didn’t end so well.

One thought on “God Is My Father and Church Is My Big Brother?

  1. it won’t work at Hillsong. for a start they tend to turn the lights out when the services start.. and many of their congregations meet in rented picture theaters and clubs

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