The Other Side of Yes


It’s a small word.

Only two letters, but packs a punch when used correctly..

Part of being clear about what you WANT is knowing what you DON’T WANT.

The purpose of saying NO, is so that you can get to a wholehearted YES*.

NO doesn’t necessary mean NO forever. It might mean NO, not right now.

NO, in light of my current priorities

NO, in light of my current commitments

NO, in light of my current budget.

NO, in light of my current tastes and beliefs.

There are lots of good things worth saying NO to.

You have only have so much, time, energy and attention you can give.

Life happens.

Give yourself permission to purge. It’s OK to renegotiate the commitments you’ve made to yourself and others.

Life is a buffet table and every YES is another thing on your plate. In most cases, our eyes are bigger then our stomachs and we end up stuffing ourselves on hors d’oeuvre and bread sticks and when the main dish comes around, we have no appetite for the choice main dish we could have enjoyed. Choose wisely.

Learn to say no to the good
so you can say yes to the best.

* Sometime you know what you DON’T WANT, and you need others to help you figure out what YES looks like. Help them by giving them WHYs behind your NOs. Sometimes verbalizing the challenges or important criteria is all you need and the answers are obvious. Other times, it’s more like the game battleship. You know all the places NOT to look, so you can spend your time focusing on more promising possibilities. 

3 thoughts on “The Other Side of Yes

  1. Sage advice. I’m going to practice saying “no” in front of the mirror, so it won’t feel so unnatural when I need to utter the word.

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