Vote For Pedro

I am entering a local photo contest and would appreciate your vote! 

There are five photo categories (Environment, Architecture, People, Community and Altered) and I have entered all five! You can see all the entries here. There are some really nice photos this year!

The simplest way to cast your vote is by clicking the link below. The link will open an email with all the appropriate content filled in for you. All you have to do is type in your email where it shows “My email is: ______________” and hit SEND.


You can vote between September 5-12, 2015. Unfortunately, you can only vote by email once…But you CAN vote from more than one email account (ie. his and hers, home and work, etc) if you are so inclined. Winners should be announced on September 25.

You can also VOTE By Facebook

To VOTE, leave a comment under my photo. You many “like” as many of the other photos as you wish, but you many only vote (ie leave a comment) under one. These links take you to directly to my photos.

Category #1 – Environment- skylines, open spaces, parks & wildlife-> 

Category #2 – Architecture- urban design, cityscapes, landmarks & infrastructure->

Category #3 – People- portraits of residents participating in city sponsored events & classes->

Category #4 – Community- scenes of education, volunteering, street/nightlife, celebrations, arts & cultural events->

Category #5 – Altered- photos manipulated for artistic purposes.->

Thanks in advance for your support!

PS. If you prefer to vote manually…or for someone else…here are the instructions.


Contestants and members of the public are invited to cast their votes online to select the About Redlands Photo Contest “People’s Choice” awards by September 12. It’s easy!

  • An image can be selected only once and in its proper category (1-5)
  • Voters must include their email address to have their ballot counted
  • Complete only one ballot per person
  • Click on the PDF link above to view each category & choose only ONE favorite per category
  • Enter the photo’s ID number (example: 100 or 110; 211, 314, etc.) on the ballot
  • You may also copy the portion below, fill in your selections & email the ballot by September 12 to

Email Subject line: ABOUT REDLANDS PHOTO CONTEST People’s Choice Awards


Voter’s email address:


  3. PEOPLE ___
  4. COMMUNITY ___
  5. ALTERED ___

People’s Choice winners and professional Judges’ Choices will be announced by September 25 through a MailChimp email to all entrants and voters, as well as, on the About Redlands Facebook page. Winning images will be displayed in the About Gallery in October.

About Redlands Photo Contest

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