Announcements By Any Other Name…

“Let’s stop doing announcements.”

We will use the time instead to “cast vision.”

Whenever I hear conversation like this, I know that whoever is speaking doesn’t realize that EVENTS are the most practical outworking of VISION that you have.

It’s similar to priorities. Don’t tell me you value something…let me look at your checkbook.

The problem comes when you only mention the event “facts” (date, time, place, etc) without explaining the reason for why you are having the event in the first place. My blog post What And The Why goes into detail on this idea.

If you are not willing to promote the event, why are you having it in the first place? People watch what you DO as much as what you SAY. If you want to let people know something is important, sometimes you have to over emphasize. If you don’t go out of your way to make something a big deal, why should they?


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