Shifting Focus

Lately, I’ve been at a loss on what to do with my blog.

For the last five years, this was my place to write about the “Nuts and Bolts of Church Communications.”  With over 240 posts, it’s been a tremendous creative outlet and I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly. While I still have many thoughts on the subject, I’m no longer working full time in a church context and feel I’m lacking “in the trenches” credibility that I so enjoyed writing about.

After much internal wrangling, as part of my letting go and moving on strategy, I’ve decided to stop writing on the subject. As I wrote in a book review a few years ago, this is a Necessary Ending.

I’ve had thoughts of shifting my focus on bigger picture theological and church topics, moving to writing about what I’m learning in marketing at my current job or to simply concentrate on showcasing my photography.

At this point, I’m really not sure…but I’m looking forward to finding out : )

7 thoughts on “Shifting Focus

  1. Hi Bruce, From a fan of your posts.

    I completely understand the career change and the ripple effect that takes place during these transitions.

    My thought for you ~ continue the photo side of your skill set.

  2. Thank you Bruce for your excellent posts. They’ve always been so helpful and encouraging. Your help and support will be missed, but excited for your new adventures! May God bless you in your new job.

  3. Whenever you hear a word from God and feel compelled to speak about Him and the Truth, please do so. But otherwise, enjoy what you think you need to do.

    God be with you. God bless.

    Neil D

  4. Just found you via your Hillsong post.

    I’m really searching for songs to perform, Scripture to write into song, and theology that needs to be spoken clearly.

    I’d love to see posts on positive examples of the church sharing the true Gospel, etc.

    1. Jake,

      Thank you for your note.

      I’ve been very encouraged by:

      Matt Boswell Messenger Hymns Vol 1
      Matt Boswell Messenger Hymns Vol 2
      Keith and Kristyn Getty’s music
      Sovereign Grace Music
      Traditional Hymns

      My God bless you as you seek to honor him as you worship spirit and in truth.

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