Crazy Critters Coloring Book


fcrazy-critters-coloring-book-front-coverAmazing Animals A-Z

26 Original Coloring Pages, One Coloring Page For Each Letter Of The Alphabet: Alligator, Butterfly, Chameleon, Deer, Elephant, Fox, Giraffe, Heron, Ibex, Jaguar, Kiwi, Lion, Manatee, Narwhal, Owl, Panda, Quail, Raccoon, Squirrel, and More!

This unique coloring book contains: 
QR Codes Linking To Educational Videos For Each Animal AND Sample Coloring Pages From Bruce’s Other Coloring Books, Including Ninjas, Dragons, and Fidget Spinners!

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Interesting Backstory…

Kathy Harper, owner of Star Tulip Stuffies
The whole thing started back in March when my husband and I found two Great Horned Owl chicks that had survivors the wind storm that destroyed their nest in our huge palm tree in our backyard. Being neither competent bird handlers nor equipped to provide care for these little guys ourselves, we sought expert advice and received it from Bracken Bird Farm here in Redlands. They were most helpful!

Long story short, they put us touch with a couple over in San Bernardino who are licensed Owl and Raptor Rescue Specialists. After a month or so nursing the two chicks to health (we named them Blinkin’ and Winkin), the owls were transferred to the Coachella Valley Wild Bird Sanctuary in Indo. I got to tour their amazing facility where orphaned or minimally injured birds can be rehabilitated with the goal of releasing them back into the wild.

I was looking to do a fundraiser for this volunteer organization and their dedicated staff when I contact Redlands artist Bruce Herwig to see if he would be interested in creating an owl coloring book for me.

Bruce Herwig, Redlands Artist
Kathy Haper and I were working on a project featuring my Dragon coloring book when she approached me about creating an owl theme coloring book. After learning more about her owls, I wanted to help, but knew a full coloring book exclusively of owls would be a very difficult task. I still wanted to participate, so I created a coloring page of an owl that Kathy that could use in her fundraising.

I’ve always wanted to do an “A-Z” book of some kind and thought this would be the perfect opportunity. Instead of doing “birds, cats and dogs” I thought I would use a more eclectic mix of animals, Ibex, Manatee, and Quail to name a few. Since it was Kathy who first inspired the idea, it’s a privilege to have the “world premiere” of my latest coloring book at her store. And, that we get to team together to donate to Coachella Valley Wild Bird Sanctuary is icing on the cake. The circle is now complete!

crazy-critters-coloring-book-back-coverBonus Coloring Pages

No reason to wait to start coloring…here are some free images you can print at home to get you going. Feel free to share with your friends!

Crazy Critters Coloring Book Bruce Herwig Bonus Page 1Crazy Critters Coloring Book Bruce Herwig Bonus Page 3Crazy Critters Coloring Book Bruce Herwig Bonus Page 2

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